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Since 2014 at East Coast Resin, we are proud to offer a huge selection of Epoxy Resins of our own production and related materials. While we work without intermediaries, our high-quality products have already pleased millions of artists and epoxy-users around the world. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews and constant repetitive orders.

We offer responsive customer service, and work with both retail and wholesale customers, delivering orders to any state across the US. 

epoxy resin
epoxy resin

Our company in numbers:

  • 8 years of stable and reliable work
  • Thousands of buyers across the US and Canada, including wholesale buyers
  • Rated the best 1:1 Epoxy in the North American market
  • Millions of products are created by artists and industrial workers using our materials
  • 0 delivery cost

“The best quality resin for your masterpieces in one place” is the mission of East Coast Resin.

Our online catalog contains all the necessary materials and accessories for working in the Resin Art technique, mirror polishing and working with wood, jewelry, and other materials. 

In our catalogs you can find a wide range of products, and in case you have any questions, or can’t find what you need, please feel free to reach out!

Our Customer Service team is only one phone call or email away!

With almost a decade in business, we have gathered a friendly and responsible team of qualified people to work with our clients. The overall goal of the team is to build long-term relationships with customers, which is our main value.

We work hard to ensure flexible, reliable, and responsive service so you can make your purchase in just a few clicks, while counting on prompt fulfillment and delivery of the highest quality Epoxy Resin!

Have any questions we didn’t answer? Get in touch with us by filling the contact form, or sending us an email at EastCoastResin@gmail.com

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